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Power Flushing

Why might powerflushing be required?

Rust occurs in all Central Heating systems producing a black sludge (iron oxide) and, in hard water areas, limescale builds up in combination boilers just like in your kettle causing the following problems:

What is powerflushing?

Powerflushing is a rapid movement of water through the system, using a high-powered pump, which is aided, by the use of cleaning chemicals to remove deposits.
It is the only effective way to remove debris and sludge from the central heating system, expelling the dirty water to the drain and replacing with clean water from the mains supply, which can be done in either direction of flow.
After flushing the radiators the system water will be tested with a TDS meter and must be within 10% of the reading gained from the mains water supply. The clean system is then ready for treatment with a corrosion inhibitor.

Powerflushing benefits

Efficient Central heating and hot water.

Foster Plumbing and Heating Ltd are currently qualified operators of the Norstrom Pro-Flush power flushing machine. Provided that we have your heating system details we can furnish you with a competitive quotation for a complete powerflush.